Friday, April 15, 2011

Sports Related Blogs!

It is new series Friday! Beginning right now send me your domains that are sports related! Anything to do with sports, whether gear related or major sport related! If you owned football, basketball, car racing,soccer and so on time to post them in the comment box here and email me the sites for placement on our "members domains" page!

Have a good weekend domainers and think profits!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting Exposed!

 So you woke up in the middle of the night with a dozen or so dot com names floating in your head.  You found yourself counting them like sheep as you tossed and turned yourself through one brilliant idea after another.  Finally with a loud thump it hit you to RUN to the computer and check to see if anybody else was as brilliant as you.  What???  Nobody else thought of these??  You're kidding me!!  Now what???  And then, with life hanging in the balance of your fingertips you pressed "register these domains".  Suddenly you became the proud owner of a parked domain business.  Now what??  Sit back and watched the cash pour on in.....hmm, day 1 nothing.  Day 2 more of day 1.  Day 3,4,5 wait a second maybe something didn't get done right.  Nope not it??  Well what is it?  You came up with the brilliant names that won't even need a search engine!!  Where is the CASH!!!  Welcome to the world of parked domains.  It isn't going to just happen you have to go out and work for it.

  That is the reason for this blog.  Not only to help each other gain profits but also to share ideas and visit each others domains to make suggestions and help out.  It takes more than an idea and a village it takes commitment!  Lots of it.  It will also take time.  But don't give up because it will work!  In the upcoming blogs we will discuss ways to increase traffic because without it there is no income.

Uncle Milton

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Batter Up! (baseball started today!)

Hello my beautiful nieces and nephews.  Your Uncle Milton is ready to get on with the meat and potatoes of this blog...posting links to your parked domains!!  Our first theme is FINANCIAL and for our purposes that will include sites about loans, banking, making money online, saving money, budgeting, stock market, employment, auctions and any domain that has money in its title.

So kids let the fun begin!  Post your sites and I will visit them.  Please include your hosting comp any along with the links and any information or thoughts on them that you care to share in public.  Normally I will aim for Fridays with new themes.  Had a rare spring in my step today so took advantage of it and got this done a day early.  :)

Good Domaining to All
Love Uncle Milton

Article about Parked Domains

 If you just stopped by and saw "parked domain exchange" then proceeded to scratch at your head I found this link to save your scalp from unwanted raking!  Seems like it is written by a tech geek but is very accurate and a tad boring.  Then again is it possible to talk about parked domains and have everybody on the edge of their seats??  If you can write like that please be a guest writer on this blog!!! 

Good Domain Parking to All
Love Uncle Milton

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About This Blog and Other Thoughts!

  The last blog got me to thinking and rethinking the purpose of this blog.  So little ole Uncle Milton would like to share those thoughts with you.  Partly because I am a caring old man and partly because if I don't empty my brain out right now I won't remember my name later.

  Parked Domain Exchange is going to be just that.  A place to gain knowledge and to share knowledge about the business of parking your domains for profit.  The exchange will go beyond tips and techniques.  The idea is to create a family that cares and shares and grows in their concern to help their relatives make money and loving friends.

  We will be posting alerts when we hear something bad or good about parked domain hosts.  We will be passing along anything worth wild that relates to domain name buying and selling and parking. 

  Also, I wish to make it clear that I want us to help each other through knowledge to earn more money doing this thing we do.  When we get into posting our domains by theme we should visit the domains to check them out, see who is hosting it and offer suggestions.  We should NOT just click on every ad.  That would get this site and the parked domain site closed down quickly.  If when you go to the parked domain site it truly has a link that you are interested in then go ahead and click it because that is why we put relative links up.

  Okay, my brain is nearly empty now...too empty.  Need to get back to thinking or sleeping!

Great Domaining to All
Love Uncle Milton

We Know You Are Out There! (Places to park your domains)

Hey, how is your parked domaining going?  This Friday we will start posting requests for links to your parked domains!  Going to stick with that theme idea and see how it goes.  For now let's dive into the wheres and whys if I can come up with anything original on the why part.

These are not in any special order at all.  Please do share any experiences you have with these sites whether good or bad.  This is just a list, reviews will be coming in April.  These are not sponsors and I am not paid to link to them!

1)  They let you park for free and earn cash.

2)  They offer domains with monetization.

3)  Allows you to park your domains on your own Free classifieds site.

4)  Offers free parking with a percentage of monetization.

5)  Another big name in the biz like

6)   http://www.trafficz/  Like the others-free

Okay nieces and nephews this gets it started.  Will be adding to this list constantly.  If you have any suggestions please place the link in your comment and I will post it in this blog.

Good Domain Parking to All,
Love Uncle Milton

Monday, March 28, 2011

I Have Built It Now Come!

Hey Folks!  Uncle Milton here.  Choices, choices and more choices.  Seems wrong to begin this whole thing without any followers.  I completely acknowledge that I rather enjoy talking to myself (I do have this incredible romantic voice that swoons most frogs and a few lizzards) however one can only impress one's self for so long!  So read up my little nieces and nephews for the very next posting here will begin that whole theme thingy I talked about in the previous (Yikes, is it previous already? WOW are we growing fast!  For snail-like blogging creatures!) posting.  The first theme will be FINANCIAL websites.  So if you own any parked domains about money or you have friends that do please gather them up and get ready to post them this week!

Don't be shy with suggestions or big ideas.  Old Uncle Milton loves big ideas!!!  Little old me can't think like I use to so please help a dysfunctional brain out will ya?

Uncle Milton

Sunday, March 27, 2011

United We Profit

Hey folks!

 Welcome to this new blog.  My mission is to unite parked domain owners to increase profits.  Simple yet so very no!  It is simple!  First lets act like family...okay not mine but ya know the ones you see on 50's sitcoms (yes you can go to TVLAND now and figure out what I mean while I grab my walker and glide to my rocker chair).
  So, you can call me Uncle Milton.  What are the chances that you already have an Uncle Milton?  I should stick to thoughts rather easily...not that sticking to anything will matter but since we are family it would be nice if you didn't forget my name.

  Now gather round my fine young nieces and nephews and listen to your old dear sweet charming and dang goodlooking uncle!  I will be posting domain "themes" and you are allowed to post any and all websites you own that share that "theme" (themes such as recipes, sports, gaming and such).  Take the addresses of your cousins and share it where ever you can!  Encourage people to check them out when you comment here and also on facebook,twitter and even in your email responses. 

  Simple I know but imagine if this family grew and grew and stuck to our honor code of sharing addresses!  Wow, we could matter more to the bottom line and value of our parked domains than any search engines could ever.  Okay, we would really have to grow!!!

  Now go listen to your Uncle and spread the news of this site to any place that parked domain owners may hang out!

  Come back to see the first theme.  I will be posting it soon!  Also I will share any tips and info I might dig up on parked domains to help those just getting started or those not doing well enough.

  Now go get some sleep or warm milk or something and comeback soon. 

Good Domaining to All,
Love Your Uncle Milton