Monday, March 28, 2011

I Have Built It Now Come!

Hey Folks!  Uncle Milton here.  Choices, choices and more choices.  Seems wrong to begin this whole thing without any followers.  I completely acknowledge that I rather enjoy talking to myself (I do have this incredible romantic voice that swoons most frogs and a few lizzards) however one can only impress one's self for so long!  So read up my little nieces and nephews for the very next posting here will begin that whole theme thingy I talked about in the previous (Yikes, is it previous already? WOW are we growing fast!  For snail-like blogging creatures!) posting.  The first theme will be FINANCIAL websites.  So if you own any parked domains about money or you have friends that do please gather them up and get ready to post them this week!

Don't be shy with suggestions or big ideas.  Old Uncle Milton loves big ideas!!!  Little old me can't think like I use to so please help a dysfunctional brain out will ya?

Uncle Milton

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  1. Okay "Uncle Milton" I am here. Now go get more domain owners and let's get this idea rolling!