Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Know You Are Out There! (Places to park your domains)

Hey, how is your parked domaining going?  This Friday we will start posting requests for links to your parked domains!  Going to stick with that theme idea and see how it goes.  For now let's dive into the wheres and whys if I can come up with anything original on the why part.

These are not in any special order at all.  Please do share any experiences you have with these sites whether good or bad.  This is just a list, reviews will be coming in April.  These are not sponsors and I am not paid to link to them!

1)  They let you park for free and earn cash.

2)  They offer domains with monetization.

3)  Allows you to park your domains on your own Free classifieds site.

4)  Offers free parking with a percentage of monetization.

5)  Another big name in the biz like

6)   http://www.trafficz/  Like the others-free

Okay nieces and nephews this gets it started.  Will be adding to this list constantly.  If you have any suggestions please place the link in your comment and I will post it in this blog.

Good Domain Parking to All,
Love Uncle Milton

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