Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About This Blog and Other Thoughts!

  The last blog got me to thinking and rethinking the purpose of this blog.  So little ole Uncle Milton would like to share those thoughts with you.  Partly because I am a caring old man and partly because if I don't empty my brain out right now I won't remember my name later.

  Parked Domain Exchange is going to be just that.  A place to gain knowledge and to share knowledge about the business of parking your domains for profit.  The exchange will go beyond tips and techniques.  The idea is to create a family that cares and shares and grows in their concern to help their relatives make money and loving friends.

  We will be posting alerts when we hear something bad or good about parked domain hosts.  We will be passing along anything worth wild that relates to domain name buying and selling and parking. 

  Also, I wish to make it clear that I want us to help each other through knowledge to earn more money doing this thing we do.  When we get into posting our domains by theme we should visit the domains to check them out, see who is hosting it and offer suggestions.  We should NOT just click on every ad.  That would get this site and the parked domain site closed down quickly.  If when you go to the parked domain site it truly has a link that you are interested in then go ahead and click it because that is why we put relative links up.

  Okay, my brain is nearly empty now...too empty.  Need to get back to thinking or sleeping!

Great Domaining to All
Love Uncle Milton

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