Sunday, March 27, 2011

United We Profit

Hey folks!

 Welcome to this new blog.  My mission is to unite parked domain owners to increase profits.  Simple yet so very no!  It is simple!  First lets act like family...okay not mine but ya know the ones you see on 50's sitcoms (yes you can go to TVLAND now and figure out what I mean while I grab my walker and glide to my rocker chair).
  So, you can call me Uncle Milton.  What are the chances that you already have an Uncle Milton?  I should stick to thoughts rather easily...not that sticking to anything will matter but since we are family it would be nice if you didn't forget my name.

  Now gather round my fine young nieces and nephews and listen to your old dear sweet charming and dang goodlooking uncle!  I will be posting domain "themes" and you are allowed to post any and all websites you own that share that "theme" (themes such as recipes, sports, gaming and such).  Take the addresses of your cousins and share it where ever you can!  Encourage people to check them out when you comment here and also on facebook,twitter and even in your email responses. 

  Simple I know but imagine if this family grew and grew and stuck to our honor code of sharing addresses!  Wow, we could matter more to the bottom line and value of our parked domains than any search engines could ever.  Okay, we would really have to grow!!!

  Now go listen to your Uncle and spread the news of this site to any place that parked domain owners may hang out!

  Come back to see the first theme.  I will be posting it soon!  Also I will share any tips and info I might dig up on parked domains to help those just getting started or those not doing well enough.

  Now go get some sleep or warm milk or something and comeback soon. 

Good Domaining to All,
Love Your Uncle Milton

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  1. I agree with you "Uncle Milton", the problem is that this sector is made up of loners. I will do my best to get this idea some attention because it could help us grow in traffic and traffic leads to profits.