Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting Exposed!

 So you woke up in the middle of the night with a dozen or so dot com names floating in your head.  You found yourself counting them like sheep as you tossed and turned yourself through one brilliant idea after another.  Finally with a loud thump it hit you to RUN to the computer and check to see if anybody else was as brilliant as you.  What???  Nobody else thought of these??  You're kidding me!!  Now what???  And then, with life hanging in the balance of your fingertips you pressed "register these domains".  Suddenly you became the proud owner of a parked domain business.  Now what??  Sit back and watched the cash pour on in.....hmm, day 1 nothing.  Day 2 more of day 1.  Day 3,4,5 wait a second maybe something didn't get done right.  Nope not it??  Well what is it?  You came up with the brilliant names that won't even need a search engine!!  Where is the CASH!!!  Welcome to the world of parked domains.  It isn't going to just happen you have to go out and work for it.

  That is the reason for this blog.  Not only to help each other gain profits but also to share ideas and visit each others domains to make suggestions and help out.  It takes more than an idea and a village it takes commitment!  Lots of it.  It will also take time.  But don't give up because it will work!  In the upcoming blogs we will discuss ways to increase traffic because without it there is no income.

Uncle Milton

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